Saturday, July 19, 2008

I did it

Well I did I got my frist Responder
this will help me at work so i don't
have to worry about my CNA cert
I will hope fully be gitting my
EMT-Basic some time in the next
year and then on to my
EMT-Intermedeit this will all me at my job at
Metro-West Ambulance were I have been employed
at for the last 16 months I drive wheelchair transoprt
for them im there senior driver in the eugene office
but im hopeing to be able to start working the
BLS Ambulance for them I get to drive it every
now and then but mabe one of these days I will be on
it full time but it is a grate job and hpoe to be there
a long time.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

the fam

well i finaly almost got the blog finished .
just and up date on the fam. anthony is
becoming a frist responder and w finsh
up this month..and plans on going on to
becoming an EMT. we are headed up to
OHSU at the end of the month for testing
for genedics and to have Adam's heart
checked out and to have dental work
done. janelle is good and big the baby
is growing and we had test done and
everything came back good

Saturday, July 12, 2008


well we are all doing good the boys are growing like weeds and if you all haven't heared
we have another one on the way due date 1/18/09 we are excited the pregnancy is going
good and the baby is growing and is in good health. Aidan pulled his feeding tube out and
we are keeping it out he is eating good and growing so the DR said that he dosen't need
it any more. Adam is doing good still won't eat but is growing and getting in to eveything.
Janelle and I are doing good and can't wate for the baby to get here. well.
love you all

Our Fam

Hi. We wanted to start a blog to keep our family and friends
up dated on our family