Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hey, Guess What Everyone?

Well Janelle had her ultrasound on August 5, 2008. Its a BOY!!! Aidan and Adam were disappointed that they werent going to have a baby sister. but I think they will be ok with a brother.
Well we did get some bothersome news at the ultrasound too. It seems to be that this baby is going to have a heart defect too, so if everyone can keep us and the baby in their prayers we would greatly appreciate it. love the Jackson's

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Recipe for a happy family

Recipe for a happy family
combine a family of loveing hearts
melt together
add a lot of love
mix well with respect, fath, hope and joy
pour in much understanding
( don't foget patience )
Sprinkle with kisses
and a dash of hugs
bake for a life time
one happy family

I found this and thought eveyone
would like it . I think that we should
all put this in our life along with our
fath in the lord and life I think with
all that we will all have a long live
and a happy family and a eternal
life, marrage and family.