Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Well they put Alijah in the hospital to see why he is not gaining WT. they are just trying to rule everything out right now doing a lot of test. Janelle is doing good just spending alot of time with Alijah. The boys are doing good going to school. the other 3 kids we have are doing great so that is a grand total of 6 kids right now. I'm doing good just passed my EMT-B practical now on to the writen and i'm taking care of 5 kids while Alijah is in the hospital and have been off work all week I'm starting to miss work.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WOW!! LIFE Has changed

WOW Life has changed we have 6 kids right now we have are 3 and 3 relative foster kids ALL BOYS pour Janelle she said she wants a little girl one day Aidan and Adam will be starting kinder garden next year. Alijah is doing good in to everything. Janelle is such a good mother keeping up with 6 kids she is doing good I love her so much she is the love of my life. I'm doing good working full time and going to school I'm finishing up my EMT-B. We moved to Springfield in to a bigger house it looks like the lord had his hand in it we got a 4 bedroom and it was not were we wanted but about 3 mo later we got our foster kids the lord work in unexpected ways. the lord has blessed us so much.